Monday, December 20, 2010

Keeping up with holiday recycling - Hampton Roads Edition

Compost: With more food consumed than normal, keep up with your compost pile by dumping fruit and veggie scraps along with all other compostables into your bin.  Don't have a bin, now is the PERFECT time to start composting because you'll surely have a hefty amount of holiday waste to get you started.  Depending on which compost system you choose, starting now will get you some good quality finish compost just in time for spring planting season. 

Recycle: This will be the hardest part to work out, but stick with it because recycling right over the holidays means your trash bin will have less than in past years.  What my hubby and I do in Hampton Roads is to save a large cardboard box from holiday shopping and start to fill it with all of our paper -- gift wrapping scraps, cardboard packaging, paper ribbon scraps, and holiday card envelopes then continue to fill it up Christmas day and during post holiday clean-up.  After the waste has settled, we swing it by Atlantic Paper Stock to be recycled. 

Of course, we also continue to pile up the regular recyclables and toss them into the blue bin.  Glass and plastic bottles, cardboard, chipboard, milk jugs, OJ cartons, foil, pie tins, and cans. 

Usually around the holidays, folks get to swap out their old tired electronics for something new and shiny.  Be sure to recycle your old e-waste at Green Alternatives or at your City's hazardous waste collection facility.

Be sure to check out the other recycling options on our site to see if there is any other waste you can divert from landfills.

Trash: Your trash bin should be filled with things like plastic ribbon, non-paper wrap, non-paper bows, and plastic packaging.

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