Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blue Goes Green

ODU is going green! I met with the Associate Director of Environmental Health & Safety, Doug Alexander, earlier today and learned a lot about what the university is doing to green things up around campus.

This blog post is an appendix to the article posted on 24 Seven Cities.
  • Many of the cleaning products are Green Seal certified.
  • Much of the lighting has retrofitted to maximize efficiency.
  • ODU was the first state school to build a LEED certified structure.
  • Recycling has more than doubled in the past two years from 500 thousand pounds to more than 1 million pounds.
  • The school started Donate It, Don't Dump It which is kind of like a huge swapping party for students.
  • All new structures on campus meet LEED Silver status.
  • 50% of all construction waste is diverted from the landfills and recycled.
  • Two electric trucks were acquired for the grounds department.
  • Rain water is harvested in two cisterns and used for lawn projects.
  • A new bike rental program is available for students and for those with bikes, a maintenance crew is available to help fix busted rides.
  • The university has developed an Environmental Advisory Committee to stay abreast of new greenie movements.
  • ODU has two Adopt-A-Streams on the Elizabeth & Lafayette Rivers.
  • A graduate student on campus is working on a Greenhouse Gas Inventory for the school.
  • A central chiller plant was installed which reduces energy consumption.
  • B10 biodiesel is used for all diesel vehicles on campus.
  • ODU Dining Services eliminated the use of trays in the cafeteria which reduced the amount of waste.
  • There are two rain gardens on campus.
  • A nutrient management plan is in place which eliminates the need for fertilizer on many of the school's grounds.
  • There's a green roof on part of the BAL building.
  • Tree clippings are taken to the Norfolk Zoo to feed some of the animals.
  • The Education Dept developed an Environmental Curriculum which rolled out in the Norfolk Elementary School System.
  • ODU is a Model Level (highest rank) for the River Stars Program.

I received more tid-bits on the greening of ODU and the list could go on and on. You're awesome ODU!


Anonymous said...

Donate It, Don't Dump It makes so much sense. It's amazing what people just throw away when they are leaving the dorms.

Mary Ann said...

What an uplifting and positive green story! I'll be praising ODU on my blog soon. You can never receive enough "Kudos."