Friday, July 31, 2009

August Newsletter

Hi Greenies!

August is here and my it's hot out there! I hope you are all staying cool and having a fantastic summer. As you know, we're moving to a new location at the end of October which you can read more about on our blog.

Here's your August-edition of the newsletter and be sure to give it a good scan because there's a lot going on with school approaching and summer ending!


Why not go green with back-to-school supplies! Green Alternatives is offering 15% off 50+ greenie school items. Check out the CATALOG, send over your selections, and we'll be sure to have your items packaged and ready for pick up later this month. Items like Klean Kanteens, Laptop Lunches, and other products that rarely go on sale are offered in our back-to-school promotion. Pre-order deadline is August 12.


Wrap N’ Mat Snack Pouch | Similar to the Wrap N Mat original, the snack pouch is slightly larger and when opened stays in pouch form to hold cookies, crackers, fruit and more. The pouches are a great find to get rid of those plastic baggies for good!

Klean Kanteen Bottle Filter Adapters | Compatible with most standard backcountry water filters, the new Klean Kanteen adapter assures you can use your favorite stainless steel bottle anywhere.

Bi-O-Kleen Soy Lube | A sustainable, effective lubricant that is safe for you and the Earth! Soy Lube has hundreds of uses penetrating, lubricating, cleaning, protecting, and sealing areas.

EcoTools Bamboo Brushes | Earth-friendly bamboo make-up tools by EcoTools are cruelty-free, crafted from natural and sustainable materials, and housed in a reusable storage bag.

SnackTAXI Pouches | SnackTAXIs have finally arrived at the store and are going quick. They are snack/sandwich pouches that offer waste-free lunch and snack time in style. Pouches come in fun, trendy prints making it hard to pick just one!


We're working on a new project at Green Alternatives and need your help! We want your plastic bags! Ok, we don't want the plastic grocery bags that you would get from Farm Fresh or the like. Those can be recycled at your local Farm Fresh already. What we want are the plastic food bags and other plastic shopping bags that you would get from a store at the mall. Thanks in advance for helping out with our recycling project. We'll be sure to update you on our project after we get started!


Biokleen Bac-Out Refills | Save 20% on each BacOut Refill! 16 oz Biokleen Bottles are $8.49 and if you bring your bottle back, we’ll refill it for $6.99!

Charlie's Soap Refills | Save per load with a Charlie's Soap Refill! Bring your Charlie's canvas bag to the store and we'll refill it for $11.99. That will make your laundry $0.14 per load; a savings of $0.03 per load.

New Recycling | Save your lids and caps, Kashi packaging, Bear Naked wrappers, candy bar wrappers, and cookie wrappers. We can now take these items for recycling at the store. Pretty soon you'll have nothing left in that trash bag! YAY!


Chesapeake Green Drinks | August 6 @ 5:30 pm | aloft Hotel, Chesapeake, VA
First Thursdays are green! Networking and conversation with eco-savvy locals.

Norfolk Green Drinks | August 12 @ 5:30 pm | The Boot, Norfolk, VA
Great conversation with friendly eco-minded people, after-work relaxation and fun! Plus: Wednesday nights are Virginia Beer nights, drafts are $2!

Rain Barrel Workshop | August 19 @ 6 pm | Green Alternatives, Norfolk, VA
Come out to this 1 ½ hour workshop and build your own rain barrel! It’s $60 per rain barrel making person and all materials will be supplied. This is a hands on workshop and when it’s over you will have your very own rain barrel. The deadline to register is August 14. Register on the Green Alternatives website or on facebook.

Va Beach Green Drinks | August 20 @ 6 pm | Croc's Bistro, Virginia Beach, VA
Enjoy locally-produced food and eco-friendly beverages while talking to your green buddies!

Swapping Shindig | August 25 @ 6 pm | Green Alternatives, Norfolk, VA
Clean out your closets and bring your former favorites (clothes, accessories, and shoes) along with your favorite beverage. Here are the rules…bring in a grocery-sized bag or larger along with your beverage of choice. We’ll provide the snacks and you’ll enjoy swapping your oldies but goodies with others for FREE!

Washing machines use a ton of energy, but did you know that 90% of that energy goes into heating the water? Forget the warm and hot wash cycles. Instead, keep the dial on cold and be sure to launder with eco-friendly detergent!

Keeping it green,

801 Boush Street, Suite C
Norfolk, VA 23510

Did you hear?
We're moving to the Five Points Community Farm Market
Effective October 26, 2009 our new address will be:
2500 Church Street (Church & 26th)
Norfolk, VA 23504

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