Monday, July 27, 2009

Green Alternatives is MOVING!

*Disclaimer...we aren't actually moving until our lease is up at the Boush Street location. We just wanted to share the news and be sure you are all in the loop! The official move dates are below.

As many of you know when my husband and I purchased the business we were in a frantic rush to find a new location and re-open quickly. We also knew that during our first year we would really delve into finding out what would be best for the business as far as product, location, services, and such.

That being said, we have just finalized plans with the local Five Points Farmer's Market in Norfolk at Church & 26th to be a permanent store inside their facility. Besides the fact that we love, love, love the Farmer's Market and all that they are doing for our fine community, we also thought that you too would love our new location.

I took it upon myself to come up with a list of reasons why our move to the market is completely AWESOME!
  1. Many of you are already market shoppers which makes us being there a convenient one-stop-shop!
  2. Our rent will be going to the market, a non-profit, to better support their fabulous community projects.
  3. We'll be able to offer lower pricing on a selection of our products.
  4. Green Alternatives will be able to partner with the market on many community events which is part of being a good greenie and building community.
  5. Our structure will be uber-green crafted from reclaimed pallet wood!
  6. We're hoping to expand our services after the move.
  7. Rest assured that we will still have all of the planet-friendly products you love!

The nitty gritty...
We will officially close the doors at the Boush Street location at 6 pm Saturday, October 24 and will re-open with our shiny new digs at the Farmer's Market Wednesday, October 28.

As always, we encourage questions, comments, and the like.

Keeping it green,

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