Thursday, June 4, 2009

Green Alternatives June Newsletter

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Hey Greenies!

Summer is finally here and you know what that means…sunburns, bugs, and Father’s Day (of course). Green Alternatives has some exciting news so let’s dig in! We know it's a lot, but there's just so much to share.


The Green Garmento: Tired of using plastic bags when getting your clothes dry cleaned? Try this new eco friendly garment bag. You can put your clothes in it to be transported to the dry cleaners, and then turn it inside out to be used as a garment cover bag!

Maggie’s Soap Nuts: Laundry soap that grows on trees! 100% natural and biodegradable, this product naturally brightens and cleans clothes. These soap nuts are fragrance free and ideal for sensitive skin. One bag is good for 200 loads!

Badger Sunscreen: Badger sunscreen is physical barrier protection which is top-rated in safety & effectiveness by The Environmental Working Group. It’s that time of year where the sun is blazing, so make sure you protect your skin. By the way, Green Alternatives Badger Sunscreen is more economically priced than anywhere else!

The Soap Bag by Eco Bags: Tired of wasting your soap? Try this new soap bag! You simply put your soap in the mesh bag and it enables you to use your entire bar.

Twin Muses Greeting Cards: We just got these new cards in! They are 100% recycled and use soy-based ink. The seventeen designs showcased at Green Alternatives are fun, hip, and are the perfect way to say…whatever it is you need to say.

Natural Value Tall Kitchen Bags: With typical garbage bags taking decades to break down in landfills, the Natural Value bags offer accelerated breakdown. They degrade in 18 months and have properties similar to the more traditional plastic garbage bag.

Bayes Waterless Eco-Friendly Carwash: Bayes has developed an environmentally-friendly solution that cleans, shines, and protects your car AND doesn’t use one drop of water. Great Father’s Day Gift!!!


• Now you can drop off old ink cartridges for refills through Rapid Refill Ink. Come fill out the form, drop off cartridges, and we will give you a call once they’ve been refilled! Saves money and waste from producing new cartridges.

RECYCLE MORE! The new Children’s Harbor Recycling Program takes items that can’t normally be recycled and turns them into learning tools for children. The program won’t fully roll-out until this fall, but you can start helping now! Green Alternatives will be collecting caps and lids from anything ranging from bottles and food tubs to chapstick, so come on in and be a part of this wonderful program!

• We have a new service for the summer! Eco-friendly lawn mowing...check out the blurb below about our new service and link to the easy info form if you want to get a quote for your lawn.

• Our fish bottle artist needs your help. She is in need of clean, empty 2-liter bottles. Bring them by the store the next time you're in.


Green Alternatives has launched a new lawn care service! We will come (by bike) and mow your lawn with an eco-friendly, all electric mower that produces no emissions and uses no gas. If we have to use a car to get to you we will offset our carbon to be sure we stay carbon neutral in our transport. Interested? Fill out the quick and easy info form on our website and we’ll promptly follow-up to schedule your free lawn care estimate.
Eco Mowing Info Request Form -- Click Here


Would you be willing to pay for a shredding/recycling service if we were a drop off point? We’re considering keeping a Shred-It bin at the store for customers to drop off their confidential paperwork to be shredded then recycled. Each grocery-sized bag of paperwork would cost about $8 to be shredded and recycled. We want your feedback. Please visit our blog and complete the Shred-It poll (top right side of the page) ... Green Alternatives Blog.


Union Mission Women’s and Family Shelter Drive
Stop by Green Alternatives any time during the month of June and feel free to donate any of these items:
Bibles, twin sheets & pillow cases (preferably white), pillows, towels, wash cloths, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, towels, blankets, diapers, baby clothes, night gowns & robes (esp. larger sizes), combs, brushes, Kleenex, deodorant, lotion, socks, underclothing, shower caps, medicine (Tylenol, aspirin, cough medicine, cold medicine, etc.), school supplies, phone cards, grocery store cards, bus/taxi tokens

SPCA Drive
The SPCA is a wonderful organization that receives no government aid! This is why it is important for us to help out…come drop off anything animal friendly (dog food, cat food, toys, treats, etc.) any time during the month of June when you visit Green Alternatives.

Norfolk Green Drinks
JUNE 10 from 5:30-? @ THE BOOT
For anyone interested in environmental issues. The 2nd Wednesday of every month. All drafts are Virginia made and $2 off! For more info about The Boot, visit

Virginia Beach Green Drinks
JUNE 18 from 6-8 @ CROC'S 19th STREET BISTRO
Enjoy locally-produced food and eco-friendly beverages while talking to your green buddies! Find out more at

International Surf Day
Surfers unite and give back to the oceans by cleaning up! There will be various challenges like...
• Youtube Video Challenge: Best ISD Influence video
• Most unique piece of trash
• Best Trash Sculpture
• Costume Party: Best Costume while riding a wave
• Most Spots Surfed on ISD: Photo and/or Video Contest
For more information visit,

Swapping Shindig
Clean out your closets and bring your former favorites (clothes, accessories, and shoes) along with your favorite beverage. Green Alternatives will be hosting a swap party the last Tuesday of every month and June is our first shindig! Here are the rules…bring in a grocery-sized bag or larger along with your beverage of choice. We’ll provide the snacks and you’ll enjoy swapping your oldies but goodies with others for FREE! Please register so HERE so we know how many to plan for.


Go paperless. Consider reading your newspaper and magazine subscriptions online. Switch to electronic banking and credit card payments, too.


Want to know more about the Surry coal plant and how YOU can make a difference? Visit Sierra Club's Virginia Chapter to learn more.

Attention: Green Alternatives has a new facebook.
Here is our link: Be our friend on facebook
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