Saturday, January 10, 2009

Green Home Systems

A local Norfolk resident has installed a green roof and rain cistern system for her home.

A Green Roof is a layer of living vegetation that is installed on the top of a conventional flat or sloping roof. The Great Lakes Water Institute notes that a green roof is beneficial because it
  • Conserves energy by moderating the temperature on the roof and surrounding areas,
  • Dramatically reduces storm runoff volume and peak flow rate,
  • Restores the ecological and aesthetic value of urban open space, and
  • Protects conventional roofing systems, typically doubling the service life of the underlying waterproofing membrane.
A rain cistern is is like an extremely large rain barrel that can be above or below ground. The water collected can be used for landscaping and watering flowers, but can also be used for graywater systems like toilets and washing machines. Rainwater harvesting contributes to water conservation, low-impact living, watershed protection, and stormwater management.

Did you know that rain water is better for your plants than tap water? Why?
Because it lacks chlorine and fluoride. Rain water is soft and mildly acidic which helps plants grown and pull necessary minerals form the soil. (Compliments of

If you are interested in checking out these systems and want to learn more about what this Norfolk resident has done with her green roof and cistern installs, email

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