Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Compost Daily - 3 in 1

We were a little crazy here at the store the past few days with big orders coming in so our Compost Daily tips were sadly pushed aside. To make up for it, we're giving you three tips in one!

Tip #1 // Start an office garden

If you work in an office building there is probably some open space around the structure that you and a few co-workers could turn into an organic veggie garden. Studies have shown that a few minutes outside every day could boost mood so mid-day gardening could mean smooth sailing throughout the afternoon grind.

Tip #2 // Clover Helps

Clovers popping up throughout your grass? It's okay! Clover adds vital nutrients to the soil and for years was considered a must-have in grass seed mixes. Clover is also low-growing, evergreen, and drought tolerant.

Tip #3 // Get your lawn and garden off drugs

You probably know about the toxic and harmful effects of pesticides to plant life, marine life, and to humans but did you know that Home Depot Canada knows it too? 266 Home Depot stores in Canada have pulled all toxic pesticides off the shelves because they want "to be friends to the environment." While they're still on American Home Depot shelves, we think it's a pretty big step in the right direction.

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