Friday, June 11, 2010

Compost Daily - Shooting for No Impact?

We try our darnedest to be waste-free and offer up no impact on the planet, but let's face it...sometimes we still have trash at the curb.

If you're feeling up for a zero waste challenge, check out these sites for some helpful tips. We're working hard here at the store and on the homestead to reduce, reuse, recycle and rely on these few sites to give us some helpful hints.

The Zero Waste Home : A home that refuses, refuses, refuses then reduces, reuses, and recycles in that order.

No Impact Man : A blog about what each of us can do to create a better, happier place to live

Compost Daily is a green tip email service provided by Green Alternatives earth-friendly general store.  Tips arrive in your inbox Wednesday through Friday. {sign-up}

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