Monday, February 1, 2010

Cut The Heating Costs

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the FIRST Compost Daily!

After a snow like Hampton Roads saw this weekend, I bet you're wondering how you can shave some cents off of the utility bill and still keep the casa nice and toasty. Wrap that water heater immediately. Water heater blankets or wraps are like putting a permanent jacket on your tank keeping the water inside steamy so you don't use as much energy to heat and reheat. You'll probably save about 10% per year on water heating costs and install takes about 20 minutes.

We called around and here's what we found...

Taylors Do It Center | $23
Oceanview Hardware | $34 (out-of-stock at the moment)
Lowe's | $19 to $21
Home Depot | $17 to 20

We also found a few on for bargain prices.

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