Friday, September 11, 2009

Thrive Magazine

Hey Thrive Fans,

I must say that I was stoked to learn that Thrive, a magazine dedicated to healthy, sustainable living, had arrived earlier this year. Gina, the publisher, is a fantastic person and I wished her nothing but success in her journey to bring a greenie rag to Hampton Roads' more than 1.6 million residents. In true green form, Gina will be converting Thrive to online reading and paid print/mailed issues at the beginning of 2010 which I think is an excellent option. Let's face it, web reading is the way to go. In a moment's notice, a new hot story could be posted a kick-butt product reviewed and so on.

Anyway, the reason for the rambling is to encourage all of the local greenies (and beyond) to sign up for Thrive's e-subscription. Don't worry, it's totally free!

Here's the link to sign up for the paperless Thrive.

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