Friday, January 16, 2009

Writing Letters to the Editor

I'm not sure if you all heard, but Environment Virginia is working very hard in the Hampton Roads area to gain support for green jobs. If you are interested in supporting this cause, please write letters to the editor at the Pilot. Keep it under 150 words and follow the guide below.

To submit a letter to the editor to The Virginian-Pilot, e-mail Include your full name, street address and daytime telephone number.

To the Editor:

RE: Previous article on date by author, if applicable
  • State the problem/topic (failing planet, failing economy
  • Describe the problem in a way that makes it real, use a personal story or angle
  • "As a ...." (citizen/longtime resident/student/parent/business owner
  • State the solution, generally (more funding for green jobs) and specifically (Reps Nye and Scott supporting the funding for green jobs and greener, cleaner infrastructure)
  • Reason for feeling the way you do. This can just be a second personal story emphasizing why your suggested solution is important


1 comment:

John said...

Read recent Letters to the Editor to get an idea of what gets printed, respond to any anti-green letters you see.

These letters help decide the Editorial Staff's position on some issues, and they definitely influence what gets covered in the news articles.