Monday, December 15, 2008

Go Green Outside of the Home Too!

I'm pretty sure that most of our waste comes from the office more so than the home. Think about it...all of that paper that you print and print and print for work that gets thrown in the trash. All of the water and soda bottles that are downed throughout the day. All of the electronics powered on all day long.

What can you do for your office?

Try out these EASY steps so get your office a few steps closer to being green:
  • Collect bottles, cans, and other recyclables in a recycling bin. Every city in Hampton Roads recycles and you can find out what they take on the blog homepage.
  • Check into your paper shreading services because many times they recycle your shreads so you can start to toss more paper into the shreading bin so that it gets recycled.
  • Stop using disposable cups and start using reusable mugs. If you must use disposable, be sure to use corn or sugarcane cups like we have in the store.
  • Switch the coffee to organic, fair trade coffee instead. It might be a little higher price, but order in bulk from Green Alternatives and get great pricing that might just be comparable to what you are already paying.
There are tons of little things that you can do to start greening your office and it's the little things that add up to big changes. Encourage all of your co-workers to make eco-friendly choices too. Spread the word about being kinder to our earth!

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